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    Anti-theft app that protects your iPhone when charging in public places

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  • You didn't know you wanted it,

    until you needed it.


    Release 1.1 is out now; Volume fixed


    We have recieved a lot of positive feedback from the + 50 000 downloads, that the app was good but was missing one critical thing, the volume could be lowered. Hey, we listened and we manage to fix it! Get the newest update now!


    iPhone anti theft app activates when charging cable is pulled

    Anti theft app

    Activate by plug in cable and start the iSafeCharge anti theft app for iPhone.

    Watch the video.

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    Protects what's yours


    Simply because it's personal...

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    Public places

    Tell us, when was the last time you charged your phone in public places? Your iPhone is better protected with iSafeCharge.


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  • ALARM sound

    High quality ALARM sound scares off most thieves.

    Get ready

    Start the iSafeCharge app


    Plug in the Cable


    ALARM sounds when cable is pulled

  • Executive Profiles

    People behind iSafeCharge

    Peter Lovén

    Software Engineer Director

    Peter is not only in Chief of the technical development of the iSafeCharge App, he is also the Captian of a Boeing 737.

    Micael Törnblom

    Creative director

    A business idea is worth nothing if not realized. Micael who's also Peter's First Officer at the same Boeing 737 pitched the idea.

    +50 000 Downloads

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    The app you didn't know you needed until you really needed it.

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